Wood Fences

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Wood fences are awesome additions to provide a timeless look to any home. You can install a wood fence to enjoy privacy or for security. Although wood fences would not give the durability of vinyl or aluminum fences. Staining wood with a protective solution protects against fading and weathering. The most suitable nails for wood fences are countersunk aluminum nails, or countersunk galvanized nails.  

Wood fences are the most popular types of fences. To determine what type of wood should be utilized in making the fence depends on many factors such as Weather conditions where you live, Your available budget, and how insect-resistant the wood is.

  1. Weather condition where you live – When making the choice of wood for your fence, the weather is a very important factor. Do you have sub-zero temperatures, or is it always rainy?. Why does this matter? The right wood must be picked for the right weather to provide a long-lasting fence.
  2. Your available budget – Budget plays a major factor in wood fencing. Long-lasting wood might seem to be an expensive choice at first, but in the long run, the investment pays as they hardly need replacement, and fewer repairs are done on them.
  3. How resistant to insects the wood is – Not all woods are anti-insect.  You must know the species of wood which will be used to make your wood fence; if not, your fence might become lunch to termites.

The most popular woods used for making wood fences are cedar, pine, redwood, and cypress. Cedarwood is much stronger and requires less maintenance.

  • Cedars – have high wood fence cost compared with pine due to their rot- resistance, pleasant pencil shaving smell. Cedars produce chemicals that repel insects; Cedars take a longer time to grow and require less maintenance
  • Pine – is softwood thus easier to work on, it is inexpensive
  • Redwood –  very soft and light in weight, it is also insect-resistant, although the wood fence cost is similar to cedar
  • Cypress – It has a nice smell and is insect resistant. Cypress is yellowish-brown in color.

Benefits of wood fences

  1. Affordable fences – Wood fences are one of the cheapest fences around. Maintaining a wood fence is also cheap as many wood fences can be kept using a brush, water, and a cleaner. Wood offers a cheap privacy fence. The price of wood fences installation is cheaper than wrought iron,  aluminum, and vinyl fences alternatives.
  2. Durability – Wood fences last long with the correct maintenance; wood fences can last anywhere from ten to sixty years.
  3. Customization – Wood fences can be customized to meet your demands. You can decide fence height, fence width, stain color.
  4. Variety – Wood fences from different types of wood, as explained above. Also, there are various fencing styles such as picket, board on board, split rail, paddock to choose from.
  5. Easy to Install – Wood fences are easy to install; thus, owners can enjoy the sublime wooden fences faster.
  6. Suitable for many environments – Wood fences blend well with whatever environment they are placed in, be it a park, commercial buildings, schools, or residential buildings.
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