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worker drilling on fence post St. Catharines ONThank you for choosing St. Catharines Fence Pro; we are the best fence installation and fence repair company around. We are involved in different styles of wood fences, vinyl fences, electric fences, aluminum fences, wrought iron fences, chain link fences, and gates. We work with residential, commercial, and government clients. Our clients are wholly satisfied with our work.

Wood fences are fantastic additions to provide a timeless look to any home. Wood fences are the most commonly used type of fence, although wood fences would not give the durability of vinyl or aluminum fences. To determine what kind of wood should be utilized in making the fence depends on many factors such as Weather conditions where you live, your available budget, and insect resistance of the wood.

Chain-link Fences have many names, such as wire and cyclone. For residential uses, big mesh sizes chain-link fences with smaller gauges are used; for commercial uses, smaller mesh sizes and bigger diameters of gauge are utilized. Chain link fences are strong and durable fences made from steel wire interwoven to form many diamond shapes. Chain-link Fences are usually galvanized in Zinc.

A vinyl fence or vinyl privacy fence is a beautiful fence that combines PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the major ingredient. Vinyl fence looks like wood fences but requires practically no maintenance unless you want a change in color.
Aluminum fences are made from aluminum. These fences are long-lasting fences that are lightweight and do not rust. An aluminum fence is common in residential and luxury apartments.

Wrought iron fences are tough and easy to be worked on. Wrought iron does not readily corrode. Wrought iron fences require repainting at least once every decade.
Wrought iron fences can be repaired without pulling down the whole fence.
Fence gates are the working aspect of fences as they offer entry to your property and exit out of your property. There are many classification of fence gates such as wood, wrought iron, PVC, and chain.

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