Fence Gates

fence gate installation in St. Catharines ONA blunder is when you install the wrong gate to a brilliant fence. It does not matter what fence-type you  have installed; the price of the fence A wrong gate is simply a no-no.

Fence gates are the working aspect of fences as they offer entry to your property and exit out of your property. It does not matter if you use wood, wrought iron, chain link, aluminum, or vinyl fence gates; the gate should match the fence in style and color.

The most common type of gates are swing gates and sliding gates. Swing gates consist of dual doors that are hinged; they open outwards or inwards. Sliding gates have a track in which the gate slides. An automated gate is basically made up of a gate operator that is motor-driven, access control, and the gate itself.

Based on gate materials, we have:

  1. Wood Fence gates – Wood fence gates are designed to give a classical look. These gates are durable; they require staining and painting. The weight of the gate is determined by the type of wood used.
  2. Vinyl fence gates These fence gates come in different colors and shapes; Vinyl gates can replicate the wood design. Vinyl fence gates withstand severe weather conditions, and they definitely do not rust.
  3. Aluminum Fence gates – These gates are lightweight and rust-resistant. Opening fixtures can be added to the aluminum body, including door knobs.
  4. Wrought iron fence gates – These gates add refined beauty to any property added. Wrought iron can be painted in another color other than its popular black color. These gates are difficult to cut, unlike chain gates.
  5. Chain link fence gates – The gates consist of woven metal formed into a repeating pattern. Chain link fences are not perfectly secure; they can be cut open also, they are not the prettiest of fence gates.

For fence gates, a basic rule is to make use of a fence gate that matches the fence installed.


Based on a number of doors, fence gates can be grouped into:

          a. One-door or single-door gates – These have just a door; they go well for narrow spaces                b. Two-door or double-door gates – These have two doors, a lock system is installed, and                      they fit wider spaces

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