Chain Link Fences

chain link fence contractor St. Catharines ONChain-link Fences are also referred to as wire, wire netting, cyclone fences, diamond-mesh fences, or hurricane fences. They are suited for both governments, commercial and residential use. These fences are regulars at tennis courts, backyards, basketball courts, government restricted areas and military zones.

For households, bigger mesh sizes chain link fences with smaller gauges are employed; for commercial uses, smaller mesh sizes and bigger gauges are utilized.

Chain link fences are strong and durable fences made from steel wire interwoven to form many diamond shapes. Chain-link Fences are usually galvanized in Zinc, and they can be galvanized before or after weaving.

In making chain-link fences, the process is called Weaving. Traditionally, a galvanized metallic wire is made to become spiral by passing the wire through a flat blade that rotates. When two metallic wires are passed through the blade at the same time, a double helix shape is gotten. Chain link fences are very diverse and can be seen at

Some Benefits of Chain Link fences are:

  1. Visibility – Chain link fences offer visibility through the holes, unlike other fence types. You can see people coming towards your property.
  2. Resistant to the wind – Chain link fences are hardly affected by winds; even if a strong wind blows against it, it would not be damaged due to the holes it possesses.
  3. Durability – A chain link fence can last quite a long without deforming, especially if painted or coated; you can rest assured it would not rust.
  4. Low maintenance – Apart from the fact you might cut off grasses that grow along with links, chain link fence require little maintenance due to the fact it is galvanized and coated.
  5. Security – These fences are solid and create a boundary on your property. This fence can be built to over fifteen feet in height; you can include extra barbed wire at the top so intruders won’t be able to jump in. Other benefits of chain link fences are that they are cheap, can be easily installed and repaired.
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