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St. Catharines Fence Pro has the professional experience and resources to meet all your fence and gate needs.  With St. Catharines Fence Pro, every fence installation and a fence repair is done with excellence as the end-product.  We are an affordable fence company based in St. Catharines, ON; we are the best fence company among local fence companies. Our fence builders are up to the task-they design/install vinyl fences, vinyl privacy fences, electric fences, wrought-iron fences, aluminum fences. We serve as fence contractors, fence builders, electric fence installers, gate companies. Our privacy fence cost, vinyl fence cost, and wood fence cost make us the most affordable fence company. We also offer you fence repairs that are budget-friendly and effective.

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About Us: We are an affordable fence company born out of the desire to produce top-notch fences and gates for our customers. Our fence installers thoroughly check out all raw materials we make use of and ensure the materials are of the same quality and specification consistent with the highest industry standards.

YOUR ULTIMATE FENCE SOLUTIONS PROVIDERWe understand fully well the purpose and importance of fences. We are involved in a variety of fences and gates: Wood fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fences, wrought iron fences, and fences gates. Whether you require a new fence or your old fence needs repairs. We are here for you. Are you looking for electric fence installers or chain link fence installers? Our professionals are the best around.

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The answer to your fence needs:

St. Catharines Fence Pro is your one-stop answer to all your fence needs, be it fence installation or fence repair. We are a professional, registered fence company based in St. Catharines, ON.

We have many fence installers, electric fence installers, and chain link fence installers standby to help your installation. St. Catharines Fence Pro is the answer no matter what you seem to be looking for, be it a chain-link fence, aluminum, wrought iron fences, or fence gates. Our Customers are always delighted with our fence solutions.

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Making a choice of a fence company out of local fence companies might be a stressful task.

Generally, a fence is a construction that encloses a property or area. It is usually made from connecting materials such as wood, wire, vinyl, or metals.

What purpose does a fence serve?

  • Security – A typical property owner knows the importance of safety. An unfenced property is at a high-security risk, open to wandering eyes and roaming legs. Regardless of the owner’s presence or absence, a fence installation serves the property owner’s security interest and provides an extra level of security against rogues, trespassers, and thieves. Privacy fence installers will install fences to meet your security needs.
  • Pleasant to the Eye – When it comes to adding beauty, having a fence can take your property from ordinary to a paradise. Imagine having a fence you like to compliment the color of your building. Fences come in different materials that can change the outlook of your property. Vinyl fences come in different colors and shapes. Wood fences can match your interior décor, and wrought iron fences can give various patterns.
  • Value Addition A fence constructed professionally adds more value to your property. Many pet owners and parents would not mind paying extra to keep their pets and kids from exploring the streets. Some individuals would love the fences especially if it is beautiful; most realtors know this fact. Do you have an old fence that requires repairs or desire a new fence to add value to your property? Contact a fence company to give you access to professional fence builders for fence construction and fence repairs.
  • Boundary and Privacy – For property owners who own pets and young kids, a fence sets a limit to keep them in to save you the stress of them drifting out. Also, a fence will prevent stray animals from access to your property.  You can install a vinyl fence that would not splinter; this type of fence won’t injure your pets or kids.  Moreover, you may feel like easing off naked with relaxing classical music, having a private time out in your garden, having a friends-only party in your yard. A fence gives you privacy from nosy neighbors and passers-by. A fence will provide you with confidence and extra freedom of privacy.
  • Weather and Noise ProtectionSometimes, wind can cause damage to properties. A properly installed fence can serve as a barrier to winds and prevent damage to buildings and yards caused by winds.

Also, a  normal fence can block out noise, especially if you live in noisy surroundings. A fence might be your noise buffer.


With all the many benefits of fences, there might be challenges to getting a fence:

  • Agreement Issues Fences might be challenging to install, especially boundary fences; your neighbor might say NO to your choice of having a fence. You might need to come to an agreement before calling a privacy fence company. You might require an attorney to negotiate who will be responsible for costs. To prevent a strained relationship.
  • Cost and Maintenance There is no doubt a fence has many advantages. Depending on the type of fence, the privacy fence cost varies. To determine vinyl fence cost, wood fence cost, aluminum fence cost, chain-link fence cost, wrought-iron cost-you have to contact local fence companies around you. The prices vary. Some fences require extra maintenance than others. For example, wood fences are cheap privacy fences. Still, wood fences require more maintenance than vinyl fences, as termites can attack some woods.  For accurate fencing prices, you must call the fencing company,

From the above, it is crystal clear that the benefits fences offer surpasses the challenges. It is a wise choice to install a fence

pool fence installer St. Catharines ON

should you get a fence for your pool?

You might have just moved into an apartment with a swimming pool, or you plan to install one before the following summer. You are not sure if you should install a pool or not.

Here are some reasons you should have a fence around your pool:

  • A pool fence adds safety – A fence provides you with an extra layer of safety; a pool fence is no different. A pool fence can prevent children and people that can’t swim from drowning.
  • A pool fence protects animals – A pool fence protects pets and animals. Not all dogs and cats can swim. Moreover, it prevents a stray dog from jumping in.
  • A pool fence gives privacy – A pool fence can prevent prying eyes from staring at your pool area, especially if you have nosy neighbors.
  • A pool fence keeps the water clean – A pool fence installation keeps your pool private and more hygienic because it is not open for public use.
  • A pool fence can be installed in no time – It does not take a lot of time to install a pool fence. Simply contact a fence company; fence installers will be available to set up your pool fence.

The most popular pool fences are aluminum fences, coated chain-link fences, and wrought iron fences. Contact St. Catharines Fence Pro today for a pool fence.

house with fences in St. Catharines ON

Three reasons why you should let a fence company install your fence:

So, you have imagined having a fence in your backyard; you desire the privacy, security, and aesthetic it will provide. But you are planning to install the fence yourself after watching a DIY video. Don’t stress; you will benefit more if fence installers do it for you. Trust me, for these reasons.

  • Saves you the stress – When do you plan to fix your fence, during summer or spring? Installation of a fence is tedious; you have to measure the perimeter, calculate width and height; a slight error in your calculation will produce an insecure fence. Installing a fence yourself might lead to issues such as fatigue, loss of focus, and desire to finish on time which will most likely lead to mistakes. Imagine you have a toothache; instead of pulling out the tooth yourself, you should contact the professional (dentist). Similarly, fence contractors and fence installers are professionals; they have years of experience and would do an excellent job. So take a glass of juice and relax on your sofa as professional fence installers fix your fence for you.
  • Saves your time – Imagine spending several hours trying to install a fence, and in the end, all you did was install an insecure fence and get yourself injured. Is it worth it? Call a Fence company.
  • Requires team effort – If you do not have many helping hands, you will most likely be frustrated as it is not an easy job to move the panels, drill, measure all by yourself. Even if you have people that can help, do you really want to stress them?

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“Previously, before we had a fence, my son’s dog Jimmy strayed twice; this got me worried. I am delighted with the vinyl fence that was installed; it also matches the color of our house; now Jimmy is always at home”- Robert. P

“I love the new fence. To be sincere, the work done surprised me and exceeded my expectations; the fence installers that installed our new fence were very friendly; I recommend St. Catharines Fence Pro 100%.”- Barbara. A

“We moved to a new home with an old fence. The wood was mostly broken and needed staining. My wife and I are amazed with the repairs done to the fence; now the fence looks like it was installed yesterday”- Patrick. B

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